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What to Read, Watch, Listen to, & Follow About Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Last updated December 11, 2023

While much of humanity strives for acceptance and equality, we’ve seen alarming increases in the creation of laws that target LGBTQ individuals, threatening their rights and dignity. Anti-LGBTQ policies and legislations can deeply and negatively affect personal lives, social interactions, education, and more. With this in mind, it's important to stay informed of changes in legislation that impact vulnerable and historically marginalized communities. Here is a list of resources to help you better understand these laws, their impact, and how to navigate through the challenges they present.

Anti-LGBTQ Laws Harm Us All

Anti-LGBTQ laws are not just about the words on paper; they often carry deeper implications. Policies that seemingly target harmless activities, like drag shows, can actually be a hidden way to control gender expression and queer individuals. These are called “dog whistles”, and understanding them is essential to seeing the larger picture of how these laws can negatively affect LGBTQ rights and the broader culture.

It's crucial for young people to grasp how these laws hit close to home. From your personal experiences to school environments, and even in pop culture and sports, anti-LGBTQ laws have the potential to create broad exclusion and hardships in communities. Recognizing how these policies affect everyone is the first step towards advocating for change and fostering understanding.

How to Learn and Advocate in School

On college campuses, Pride Centers and Counseling Services can offer a safe space and resources to help you navigate through challenges related to anti-LGBTQ laws, in addition to providing a supportive environment to discuss your concerns and connect with others who share your experiences. The Campus Pride Index is a valuable resource for LGBTQ-related information on colleges, including LGBTQ-friendly policies, programs, and practices.

High school students can also play an important role in creating a more inclusive and accepting school environment. One effective way to start is by forming or joining a student-led LGBTQ alliance or support group within your high school. These groups provide a safe space to discuss issues, raise awareness, and plan advocacy initiatives. Hosting events, or awareness campaigns during Pride Month or other relevant occasions can help educate the student body and promote acceptance. High school students can also try connecting with local LGBTQ nonprofits that offer youth programing, and advocacy support.

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Where to Track Anti-trans Bills

With the rapid increase of anti-trans bills that continue to be introduced across the country, many agencies and groups have begun tracking and reporting on the legislative movements. Here are just a few to follow:

Social Campaigns and Projects to Follow

Insightful Articles To Read and Learn From

Places to Read More about LGBTQ Rights and other Content

Understanding anti-LGBTQ laws and their impact is a powerful tool for change, and this list is just a brief example of resources you can follow to stay informed. Empower yourself with knowledge, connect with support networks, and stand up against discrimination. By coming together, advocating for change, and fostering empathy, we can work towards a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone. 

Social justice and civic engagement go hand-in-hand. Check out additional content to learn how to get involved in issues that matter to you and your community.

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