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    About the new Get Schooled

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    About the new Get Schooled

    What is Get Schooled?

    Get Schooled is a national nonprofit that helps young people get to college, find first jobs, and succeed in both. Our website has resources that will help you achieve your college and job goals, and our Textline team is ready to answer any questions you have about applying to college, finding a first job, how to succeed in high school, and more. Get Schooled is free, has no advertising, and never shares personal user data.

    What is the Textline?

    Our Textline team is ready to answer any questions you have about applying to college, finding a first job, how to succeed in high school, and more. To get started sign-up in your profile or text ‘HELLO’ to 33-55-77.

    What has changed about

    Get Schooled just got a massive refresh! We have made many updates to backend security and stability, mobile optimization, and our user experience. We have brought the most up-to-date technology to help you on your educational and job journeys. The new site does this, and is based on best-practices and a ton of user research.

    Does this site have the same features?

    The new has the same rich library of content as the old site, with articles, videos, quizzes, discussion boards, and tools to help you on your path to college or a job. The site now also includes an incredible Job Search Tool to help you find that first entry-level job, plus easy ways to upload a college application essay or resume for review. We currently are not hosting games on the site.

    What happened to the badges?

    Badges do not exist in the new site, but all of their content does! Content is still grouped into categories (like FAFSA, College Applications, etc.), and you are free to explore however you want. Your progress and recognition will be based on overall engagement, not specific to content we select.

    What happened to the Rewards Store & User Points?

    The Rewards Store and user points have been retired, and we will soon unveil a new  recognition program, where students will be recognized for how they engage with the site and how they further their own goals. The new recognition program will roll out in the first half of 2020 and continue to evolve over the coming year. Additionally, we have made many amazing new changes to the website to help you achieve your college and job goals.

    Where’s the search? Search is here!

    We will continue to add content and refine the site in early 2020. Part of that work will include adding a search bar, allowing you to find content for any specific question you might have.

    What if I can’t find what I am looking for?

    We have hundreds of articles, quizzes and tools on Get Schooled, all designed to get you inspired and excited about your education – and to entertain you too! The site is designed to be personalized – the more you use the site, the more it knows you and gives you the content it thinks you need. That said, it doesn’t always know exactly what you need. If you can’t find what you are looking for, use the search function on the upper left side of your dashboard.

    Account & Log in Questions

    How do I register?

    Click here to sign-up for your free Get Schooled account. We’ve streamlined the registration to only a few fields. Create an account and start getting personalized content recommendations right away.

    We encourage you to still complete your profile, especially selecting your graduation year and high school to ensure your school gets credit for your activity!

    Do I need to create a new login?

    If you’ve signed up for Get Schooled in the past, your existing login should work on our new site. Use the same login and password on the new

    If you only had an account on, you will need to create a new account on that now includes all of JobLaunch’s tools and content.

    How do I reset my password?

    Click here to reset your password. If you do not receive an email from Get Schooled with “Reset Password Instructions,” check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received an email, Sign-up or Contact Us.

    My account was deactivated, what happened?

    If you have engaged in comment abuse by bullying fellow Get Schooled users or spamming discussion boards, shoutout boards, or video comments, your account may be temporarily deactivated. We work hard to create a fun and safe place on the web for the entire Get Schooled community and encourage you to honor the usage guidelines. The deactivation lasts for 24 hours. If you feel you have been deactivated by error, or you have questions, you can email us at [email protected].

    Security & Privacy Questions

    What does Get Schooled do with my personal information?

    We are always on the side of the students who rely on Get Schooled for the information and inspiration they need to succeed in school. We take your privacy as seriously as you do. For that reason, we collect information from you and use it to connect you with the Get Schooled tools and content you need to succeed. We NEVER sell or share your personally identifiable information with any third party. EVER.

    What is my 'Profile'?

    Your profile is unique to you - think of it as hand-picked content just for you. We hope you love what you see but the more you do on the site, the better we can customize your dashboard, delivering up the right mix of videos, games, articles and Get Schooled celebs.

    School & Educator Questions

    How does my school get involved in Get Schooled?

    Throughout the school year, we have a number of School Challenges and other opportunities for high schools and educators to get involved. Get Schooled has partnered with more than 11K schools on this shared mission to empower and support youth on their educational and career pathways. Learn more by visiting our Educator Resources page. Please Contact Us if you have any additional questions.

    Where is the Educator login?

    Educators do not need to create an account on the site. We still have all of the great resources and information for you, and you can find them both from the main navigation and on the Educator Resource page On that page you will be able to sign up for our school challenges, request a resource box, and more.

    Get Schooled helps young people get to college, find first jobs, and succeed in both.

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