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Exploring a College From Afar

Last updated February 21, 2024

There are many great ways to tour a college and get a feel of its campus, culture, and academics from the comfort of your own home. Here are some ways you can learn more about prospective colleges to help you make a decision about where to apply.

Virtual tours

If you’re interested in learning more about the layout of a school's campus, virtual tours are a great option. Virtual tours are videos, slideshows, and sometimes even interactive 3D experiences walking you through the entire campus!

  • Appily offers free virtual tours of many campuses. 
  • has short student-made clips of their campuses.
  • CampusTours has interactive campus maps.
  • Visit a prospective college's YouTube or admissions page for additional resources.

Visit admissions office hours or info sessions

Curious about academic programs or want to get connected to alumni or current students at a college you’re considering attending? At many colleges, the admissions office schedules virtual “office hours” to answer prospective students' questions. Check a school's admissions page to learn more.

Use social media

Most colleges have active Facebook groups for prospective classes. Search “[The college you’re interested in] class of 2028” and you’ll find them! Students are candid, informative, and supportive in these groups. As an added bonus, they’re usually moderated by alumni or current upperclassmen.

TikTok and YouTube are also great tools to explore colleges! Use the search bar and hashtags to view videos about the college you're interested in attending. Some students will post “day in the life” videos where you can get an idea of what it’s like to be a student on campus. They may even answer questions in the comments section or have created an FAQ video to address popular questions they get about their college.

Keep in mind that these videos only show a particular view and their experience might not be yours, but it will help you see the campus and learn about student culture a bit more!

Have any questions about touring a college virtually? Text #College to 33-55-77 to chat with one of our advisors. If you're using a mobile device, click here to have the text message set up for you!

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