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Frequently Asked Questions About U.S. Military Service & The GI Bill

Last updated August 17, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About U.S. Military Service & The GI Bill

Are you committed to getting a degree but also thinking about the military? Serving in the U. S. Military offers educational benefits if you are not ready to go straight to college and are looking for a challenging job. Here we’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about joining the military and how it can help you on your educational journey.

“How do I know if the military is right for me and my future goals?”

Honestly, this is not the easiest question to answer as every experience is unique. If you haven’t figured out what you are interested in pursuing in school or aren’t sure you can afford college right now there are many educational benefits of serving in the U.S. Military. There are different branches and service types , and the U.S. Military can provide you with new experience, skills and knowledge, and money for school.

Image of a member of the armed forces holding a stack of books.

“How could my time in the military help me with school?”

If you serve at least 90 days (total) of Active Duty during your time in the Armed Forces, you can qualify for the GI Bill. This Bill has been around since 1944 to help servicemen and women pay for college, training, and other forms of education. The GI Bill covers a wide variety of educational opportunities including:

  • College degree programs - Associate, Bachelor, and advanced degree programs (learn how to pick the right school)
  • Vocational or technical training including non-college degree programs
  • On-the-job or apprenticeship training
  • Licensing and certification reimbursement
  • National testing programs such as SAT, CLEP, AP, etc
  • Tuition assistance top-up to help cover tuition and fees not covered by the GI Bill

Image of 20+ Naval Officers on an aircraft carrier. The first three officers in the front (one in an all black uniform) are raising their right arms in a salute.

“How much money does the GI Bill actually provide me for school?”

  • The GI Bill will pay all public school in-state tuition and fees for college, public trade schools, vocational schools and certificate programs. The amount of tuition and fees covered by the GI Bill is dependent on the number of months served on active duty.
  • As long as you take more than 7 credits, you can receive a monthly housing allowance based on the location of your school or campus. If you are completing exclusive online training you can still receive a housing stipend of $916.50. per month (as of 2022).
  • Any student that is enrolled in college or training at more than part time can receive up to $1,000 per year for books and supplies.
  • The GI Bill will cover up to $26,381.37 per academic year at a private school (as of 2022). Private schools can also participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program to waive some of the difference in tution.
  • You may be able to use part of your GI Bill to cover test fees (up to $2,000) for a job that requires a license or certification.

Do you have additional questions about the military and the education benefits you can earn? Text #HELLO at 33-55-77 with your questions. 

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